Kota Stone Tiles available in Blue and Brown Color

Kota Limestone

Kota Stone Tiles

Cost-effective Natural Kota Stone Tiles for Indoor Flooring

Planning for your dream home and want to give it a different look? Something really very different that attracts and pleases every eye. Then why you are going to use common Marble, Granite or vitrified ceremic tiles for flooring. Let's give a new bold and beautiful pleasant look to your floor by adding Kota Stone Tiles.

Kota stone tiles are made with natural limestone. It is 100% waterproof, dust-free and healthiest because it is limestone. Kota stone tiles are the perfect choice for bathroom flooring, bedroom floor due to its anti-slip properties. You and your family will be safe from slipping even on a high glose polished tile.

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Kota Stone Tile Colors

Kota stone tiles are available in four colors. All colors are very eye soothing and natural. Though we can Adjust the brightness, sharpness, or contrast with different soft wax polishing. Below are the four main colors of kota stone tiles:

  • Blue - A ligh tone of blue on a white base
  • Gray - A very light shade of grey on a white base
  • Green - A very light tone on a white
  • Brown - A mix of tan brown on light earty base
  • Honey - A shrap light effect on earthy base
  • Black - A pastel black, it is also called Kadappa Black


Kota Stone Tile Finishes

Kota limestone tiles are available in various finishes and patterns.


Kota Stone Floor Tiles Manufacturing

We have our in-house tiles manufacturing unit based in Ramganj Mandi a small town in the Kota district of Rajasthan. Our factory is equipped with high tech latest machines for cutting and polishing to produce Kotah stone tiles.

Kota Stone Tile Price

The base price starts at Rs.20 per square foot. Though prices depend on the thickness and size of the tile. We request you please leave your requirement in detail so we can quote you the best price for Kotah stone tiles.

Kota Stone Floor Tile Cleaning

Kota stone flooring tiles does not required too much of care. You can clean your floor easily with water only. As kota stone does not absorb water, stains also stay out. Secondly kota stone is durable and can not be broken easily once installed.

Kota Stone Tile Size

11X22 Inch Kota Stone Tiles
16X16 Inch Kota Stone Tile
16X22 Inch Kota Stone Tiles
27X22 Inch Kota Limestone Tiles
28X22 Inch Kota Limestone Tiles