Kota Stone Ready to Fit Tiles

Ready-to-Fit Tiles

Kota Stone Ready to Fit Tiles

Easy to Install Kota Limestone Ready-to-Fit Flooring Tiles

Kota stone Ready to Fit Tiles are similar to ceramic tiles or vitrified tiles and do not required any cutting or processing at installation location. Kota stone ready-to-fit Tiles are best and most economical flooring option for home and offices. Available in pre mirror polished, calibrated to even fixed thickness, computerized laser edge cut and packed in corrugated box.

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Advantage of Ready to Fit Tiles

Calibrated for Even Surface

Kota stone Ready to Fit tiles available in various finishes like a pre-mirror polished, swan and sandblasted etc. Precisely calibrated to a fixed thickness for easy installation and even level of surface. For better results we use hi-tech machines available for the stone industry.

Computerized Edge Cutting

Every tile was processed on advanced machines for better finishes, even surfaces and edges are refined with computerized CNC machines for perfect 90 Degree angle. So you do not need to set or re-cut, that means quick low cost installation. Our stone edge cutting machine is highly preferable in Indian stone industries due to perfection and easy operating as well as very easy and low maintenance is Required

Low-Cost, Easy Installation

Low installation cost is the main reason for the popularity of Kota stone Ready to Fit Tiles. Anyone can install these tiles easily as no advance tool required for installation. Installation process is also very easy.

Ready to Fit Tiles Price - Rs.24/Sqare Feet

Ready to fit tiles are available in various finishes, thickness, and colors. And price always vary with these factors. For an idea base Price starts from Rs.24/Square Feet

Available Sizes

11X22 Inch Kota Stone Tiles
16X16 Inch Kota Stone Tile
16X22 Inch Kota Stone Tiles
27X22 Inch Kota Limestone Tiles
28X22 Inch Kota Limestone Tiles