Crushed Rock, Ontario, Canada

Crushed Rock, Ontario, Canada

Kota Stone Supplier in Ontario, Canada

In essence, steel slag is a synthetic mineral. It is a by product of the steelmaking process, and silicon and calcium make up the majority of it. It can be processed (which entails cooling, weathering, and crushing) into a variety of useful applications. Consequently, it qualifies as a green material made from a renewable resource.

But steel slag's exceptional qualities as a building material are what really make it useful. Steel slag's qualities for use in roads and other applications have long been understood by engineers.

For the steel sector, Harsco Environmental invented a number of environmental services. Harsco Environmental is commemorating 50 years of recycling steel slag this year, in 2014. We started out by providing steel slag metal recovery services to steelmakers a century ago, and as a result, we found many uses for it as a building material. View the Top 10 Uses for Steel Slag from Harsco Environmental.

Steel Slag vs Kota Stone

Slag is a useful resource that is present everywhere steel is produced. It has a promising future and will be utilised for many years to come because of its benefits and environmental sustainability.

Steel slag is a robust, long-lasting substance that is incredibly adaptable and well-suited for usage as an aggregate in a variety of applications.

Because of its many advantages over crushed limestone, which is more frequently utilised, steel slag is a practical substitute. The Mohs hardness of steel slag is six. Limestone has a mohs value of 3, while granite has a mohs grade of 4.

Advantages of using Kota Stone versus steel slag

Steel slag is a robust and long-lasting building material. It can be sized and crushed for many uses. Steel slag, a by product of the steelmaking process, is a mineral that comes from a renewable source, making it a more environmentally friendly mineral than rock mined from a quarry.


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Crushed Rock, Ontario, Canada

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