Kota Stone

Kitchen Countertops

Kota Stone - The Most Economical Limestone

Kota Stones are Best for Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanity Tops and Flooring

Kota stone is one of the most economical stones that is well known for durability and beauty. It is widely used in UK, Australia, UAE and India, especially in parks, restaurants, chemical factories, buildings and institutions. This limestone got its name from Kota district in Rajasthan, India where thousand of kota stone mines are found. To be specific, Kota stone is quarried in a small town "Ramganj Mandi" in Kota.

These days Kota stone is very popular in the construction industry. From blue-grey to brown and beige to multicoloured hues, Kota stone has the ability to make any area look vintage and rustic. Greenish Blue and dusty brown colors are the most popular colors. The stone is superbly proficient with a exceptional tough texture that has a tendency to be uniformly coloured. Though Honey colour in kota stone is an exception. With random herbal styles in darkish brown, mild brown, yellow and orange tints, every stone tile gives a wonderful appearance and make it an ideal desire for each exteriors and interiors. Yet there's greater that makes Kota stone the primary desire of business assets developers and homeowners.

Kota Limestone Advantage

Various bodily and chemical residences of Kota Limestone boom the opportunities of the use of it in exclusive programs. Apart from being beautiful, strong and tough, the stone is non-porous in nature. This makes it immune to water in addition to slips and falls. Owing to the equal nature, it additionally suggests splendid stain removability. Additionally, it has the ability to resist any climate - be it harsh summer time season or freezing winter. Just like every other natural stone, Kota stone is biodegradable and a inexperienced opportunity to different substances utilized in production. Due to this assets, the limestone range is a fave desire of eco-aware people. As Kota Limestone is non-porous and moisture-resistant, it proves to be a hygienic floors desire in humid regions. In addition, the stone is usually cool and cushty below ft in warm temperatures. As some distance because the finishes are concerned, the stone floor may be dealt with as consistent with the requirement of the application. The finishes it accepts consist of hand-reduce, machine-reduce, one-aspect hones, each-aspect hones, calibrated, and replicate end amongst others. The sharpening utilized in stone basically gets rid of chipping over the years. Also, a elegant floor is top notch while used for countertops.


Builders and construction industry experts especially make use of Kota stone in floors and wall cladding. However, there are numerous greater applications of this stone. Let us discover a number of them with the aid of using matching it with first-class varieties. See also Four Different Uses Of Kota Stone In Interior Design 


Kota Limestone is a heat resistant with earthy tones that bestow a herbal feel. What might be higher than the use of the stone in hearth surrounds? Homeowners love the use of the herbal stone carved into an ornate centerpiece, that creates a streamlined go searching their hearth. If you belong to the latter organization of people, Kota Blue Natural is an closing choice. With the bluish-gray surface, the limestone dramatically transforms a fire mantle. This is one of these uncommon stones that gives a herbal appearance with a complicated appearance. Quality Marble Exports affords Kota Blue Limestone in unique finishes and sizes.


Kota stone tiles are extensively used for outdoor and indoor flooring. Some of the popular areas include garden path, balconies, entryways, patios, courtyards, and parking lots. Kota stone tiles are excellent choice for flooring. Brown kota stone is most popular natural stone for flooring when you want to add a rustic look to your courtyards. As a main kota stone manufacturer, we gives best price almost factory rates.

Countertops and vanity tops

Kota stone also available in large size slab that work really well as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Kota stone is waterproof material and does not absorb stains and just requires very simple sweeping and occasional mopping which makes it a first choice. Kota blue natural stone with leather finish is a tough and highly durable natural stone with features at its best when applied as countertops. It’s high resistance to water and excellent stain removability evidently make the stone an apt choice in kitchens and bathrooms. Kota Brown is a perfect match for all matelic and pastel colors.

Author : Faseeh